Apartments Kornati are situated in the small village of Betina on the island of Murter, on a quiet location only 80 m away from the beach, 5 minutes on foot from the center of Betina and 10 minutes from the center of Murter. The island of Murter, with its beautiful beaches, the vicinity of national parks Kornati and Krka, numerous entertainment, sports and culture activities, as well as shopping and gastronomy, offers its visitors an ideal setting for an unforgettable vacation.

Second floor

Apartment Slanica (A2) 2+2
Starting at 55,00€

Living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom make a total of 49 m2 + the terrace 10 m2

Second floor

Apartment Betina (A3) 2+0
Starting at 50,00€

Living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom make a total of 38 m2 + the terrace 8 m2

Second floor

Apartment Murter (A4) 4+0
Starting at 72,00€

Living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms make a total of 58 m2 + the terrace 10 m2


Apartmani Kornat

Spend your vacation in the small village of Betina on the island of Murter. Together with the village of Murter, Betina offers everything neccessary for the best holiday. We will provide you with an excellent and very pleasant accommodation in our new and comfortably furnished apartments, located in the vicinity of the local beach, only 80 meters away from the sea. A vacation suited to your needs.

If you have any questions, suggestions, criticism or you would like to book an apartment, feel free to contact us. We're looking forward to your call.



Visit some of the landmarks.


    You can enrich your stay in Betina by visiting some of the suggested landmarks such as national parks Kornati and Krka, nature parks Telaščica (Dugi otok or Long Island) and Vransko jezero (Lake Vrana), as well as historical cities of Šibenik, Zadar, Trogir and Split.


    The island of Murter is connected to the mainland by a bridge and it is located between the towns Šibenik and Zadar. There are four villages on the island: Betina, Murter, Tisno and Jezera.


    The villages of Murter and Betina make up a whole and together they offer everything that is neccessary for a pleasant vacation (stores, bank, post office, infirmary, pharmacy, gas station).


    In the immediate vicinity of Murter and Betina there are about 20 islands and islets, easily accessible via boats that can be rented in several different places. There are also scooter and bicycle rentals for touring the island of Murter.


    What needs to be singled out from a wide tourist selection is a great number of beaches, camps, marinas, restaurants and bars. Special emphasis should be put on the organized trips to the national parks of Kornati and Krka.


    The island of Murter represents a sea gate to the national park Kornati.